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Our Engineering division has over 20 years of proven record in design, supply and installation of industrial refrigeration equipment and facilities, making us one of the leading integrated fabricator-contractor of industrial refrigeration equipment within the Southeast Asia region.

Equipped with a team of qualified engineers and experienced technicians, we are capable of undertaking turnkey projects involving the supply of industrial refrigeration as well as fabrication of such cold room equipments as compressor, contact plate freezer, pressure vessel, air blast freezer, evaporative condenser, instantaneous water chillers, ammonia, valves and controls, Instant Quick Freezing (IQF) System, ice making machines and block ice plant.

We believe that ongoing research and development ("R&D") efforts are vital to ensure that our products are of the highest quality and meet the changing needs or requirements of our customers. Therefore, our commitment to continually develop and apply new technology that benefits our customers and distinguishes us from our competitors as a leader in industrial refrigeration solutions is one of our key company principles. Below are some of our R&D efforts:

  • Research on the use of cost-efficient materials that are able to improve the utilization of the Evaporative Condenser
  • Redesigned the hot-gas defrosting system for smaller sized refrigeration system
  • Redesigned and reconfigured the arrangement of contact freezer hoses for pump system
  • Converted controls from AKC to EKC with similar basic functions to minimise operational cost and maximises efficiency
  • Implemented Wet Air Diagram process which reduces relative humidity in the ante room
  • Research on the use of cost-efficient oil separator by reducing the speed and generating more oils


In living up to our promise as an integrated service provider, we also supply a comprehensive range of supporting equipment for the industrial refrigeration which includes accessories, spare parts and reconditioned equipment.

1. Screw Compressor Grasso-SP1-Series_B;
SAB 128 SC;
SAB 163 SC;
Yantai Single Stage Screw Compressor; and
Yantai Two Stage Screw Compressor

2. Piston/Reciprocating Compressors Grasso RC 4212;
Grasso RC 610;
Sabroe Compressor Model CM026 CW Accessories;
Sabroe Open Type Refrigeration Compressor Model SMC108L;
Yantai 100 Series Double Stage Reciprocating Compressor;
Yantai 100 Series Single Stage Reciprocating Compressor; and
Yantai 125 Series Single Stage Reciprocating Compressor

3. Evaporators Yantai Flake ice Machine;
Yantai Shelf Plate Freezer;
Yantai Spiral Freezer

4. Unit Cooler Guntner AGHN Single Fan Series;
Guntner AGHN Two Fan Series;
Guntner GHS Three Fan Series;
Guntner AGHN Three Fan Series;
Guntner GHS Single Fan Series;
Guntner GHS Two Fan Series;
Yantai Air Cooler – 2 fans;
Yantai Air Cooler – 3 fans; and
Yantai Air Cooler – 4 fans

5. Condensers Haisan EC Series Evaporative Condenser

6. Valves and Controls
  (i) Danfoss Stop & Regulating Valves Quick Closing Drain Valve;
Regulating Valves (REG 6 -40);
Stop Needle Valve (SNV 8);
Stop Valves (SVA ST and SVA-LT 15 – 200);
Stop Valves (SVA-HS 15); and
Stop Valves – (SVA 6 – 10)
  (ii) Danfoss Safety Valves & Double Stop Valves Double Stop Valves;
Internal Safety Valve (POV 40 – 80);
Safety Relief Valves (SFV 15 – 25); and
Safety Relief Valves – BSV 8
  (iii) Danfoss Solenoid Valves Coils for solenoid valves;
Solenaoid valves, type PML and PMLX;
Solenoid Valves, type EVRA 3 – 40 and EVRAT 10 -20; and
Stainless Steel Solenoid Valves
  (iv) Danfoss Pressure & Temperature Regulators Capacity Regulators (PMC and CVC);
Constant pressure Valve (CVMD);
Motorised Valve MRV;
Motor type SMV og SMVE;
Over Flow Valves (OFV 20 – 25);
Pilot Operated main valves for regulating pressure and temperature, (PM); and
Pilot Valves for PM main valves
  (v) Danfoss Electronics Controls EKC 101;
AKA 14;
AKA 15;
AKA 241 – AKA 244;
AKC 114-116;
AKC 114G;
AKC 151R;
AKC 25H1;
AKC 25H3;
AKC 25H5;
AKC 25H7;
AKC 72A;
AKC Series;
AKL 111A;
AKL 25;
AKS 41;
AKS 45;
AKV 10, AKV 15, AKV 20;
AKVA 10 AKVA 15, AKVA 20;
AKVA 10 AKVA 15, AKVA 20;
EK Series;
EKA 151;
EKA 161 and EKA 162;
EKC 201 and EKC 301;
EKC 315A;
EKC 331;
EKC 347;
EKC 361;
EKC 367;
EKC 414A;
Micromon; and
  (vi) Danfoss Liquid Level Controls High Pressure Float Valve;
Level Liquid Glasses;
Liquid Level Alarm;
Modulating Liquid Level Regulators;
Modulating Liquid Level Regulators, SV4-6;
Motorised Valve; and
Thermostatic Liquid Level Regulators, TEV
  (vii) Danfoss Line Components Check Valves;
Check Valves for ammonia and fluorinated refrigerants (NRVA);
Filter FIA 15-200; and
  (viii) Danfoss Electromechanical Pressure & Temperature Controls Differential Pressure Controls;
KP Pressure Controls; and
KP Thermostats
  (ix) Hansen Solenoid Valves Hansen Pilot Light;
Hansen Solenoid Coils;
Hansen Type HS2;
Hansen Type HS4A;
Hansen Type HS6;
Hansen Type HS7; and

Hansen Type HS
  (x) Hansen Level Control HLL Series Float Switches
  (xi) Hansen Pressure Relief Valves Pressure Relief Valves; and
Rupture Disc Assemblies and Pressure Switches
  (xii) Hansen Shut-Off Valves Butt Weld Shut-Off Valves;
Butt Weld Shut-Off Valves – 1.5 inch through 14 inch;
Expended Neck, Bolted Bonnet Shut-Off and Hand Expansion Valves;
Gauge/Purge/Needle Valves;
Socket Weld Shut-Of Valves; and
Threaded Shut-Off Valves
  (xiii) Hansen Expansion Valves Expansion Valves

7. Contact Freezers Haisan Contact Freezer HCF 500;
Haisan Contact Freezer HCF 1000; and
Haisan Contact Freezer HCF 1500

8. Tube Ice Machines Haisan Tube Ice Machine

9. Ammonia Plant Accessories Water pump:-
Grundfos pumps; and
Calpeda NM pumps

"We are also an approved and registered P.V. fabricator with Dosh (ASME, BS, API TANK etc)."


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